We understand that your venture is more than just a hobby, and helping entrepreneurs succeed is more than just a hobby for our attorneys.

Not everyone starts a business with the same goals in mind, and understanding your individual goals is the first step to ensuring that we provide you with the help you need to succeed. Entrepreneurship means more than starting up a business and looking for investors to buy your idea. Entrepreneurs are men and women with big ideas that can change the world. Entrepreneurship also means starting a business that you grow as part of your local community. Whether you hope to start a neighborhood coffee shop, a cutting edge mobile app, or have an entirely new type of business to develop, we can help. With experience in business communities across Virginia and in the Research Triangle in North Carolina, our attorneys have worked with start-up companies and entrepreneurs developing ideas and businesses in a vast array of areas. We can help you take the first step towards your goal by selecting the right type business entity to meet your needs, help you negotiate or structure venture capital financing, and everything in between.

Every business is unique, and whether you want your new idea to change the world or simply improve a small part of it, you deserve professional support to help grow and protect your business, and your dream.

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